Craig Shearer

Craig Shearer is a highly experienced software developer with a passion for creating amazing user experiences. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Craig has become a seasoned expert in the field of software development.

Craig's primary focus is on building top-notch web-based user interfaces using modern web frameworks, with Angular being his preference. He is also skilled in creating back ends using .NET and Node, two popular platforms for building scalable and robust web applications.

Craig's expertise in software development has been honed through years of hard work and dedication. He has a deep understanding of the latest technologies, frameworks, and programming languages, which he uses to create elegant and efficient solutions to complex problems.


In addition to his extensive experience as a software developer, Craig has a passion for photography and music. He is an avid photographer and enjoys capturing beautiful moments in nature, landscapes, and urban settings. He also enjoys experimenting with different techniques and styles to create unique and artistic images.

Music is also a significant part of Craig's life. He is a talented pianist and enjoys playing (usually by ear) a wide variety of music. He is also an active member of a local choir, as a tenor, and regularly participates in performances and concerts.

Craig's passion for photography and music reflects his creative and artistic side, which he brings to his work as a software developer. He sees software development as a form of creative expression, where he can use his technical skills to build elegant and functional solutions that solve real-world problems.

Overall, Craig's diverse interests and talents make him a well-rounded and dynamic individual who brings a unique perspective to his work and personal life.


Craig is based in Auckland, New Zealand, but has worked remotely for various companies for many years.